The 10 Best Booths at Untitled Art Miami Beach

Salomé Gómez-Upegui, Artsy.Net, 2021

"To celebrate its 10th edition, this year, Untitled Art expanded its curatorial platform by inviting four guest curators—Natasha Becker, Miguel A. López, Estrellita Brodsky, and José Falconi—who all contributed in creating a diverse and global conversation about contemporary art. Below are 10 exceptional booths from Untitled Art Miami Beach’s 2021 edition."

Looking for the Next Big Thing? Here Are 6 Exciting Artists to Watch From Miami Art Week 2021

Featuring Suchitra Mattai

Artnet News, 2021

"After hitting the pavement at Art Basel Miami Beach, NADA Miami, Untitled, and more during Miami Art Week, the Artnet News Pro team emerged with a lot of images on our camera rolls. More importantly, we left with a few names that, after a close look and conversations with dealers, advisors, and collectors, we believe are poised to reach the next stage of their careers after a promising outing in Miami. Allow us to introduce—or, in the case of the first artist on this list, re-introduce—you below."

For artist Jonathan Saiz, things are looking up

Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post, 2021

"A successful art career requires two crucial skills: the ability to think up new things and the drive to make them real. It’s not about creativity; lots of people have that. It’s more about owning the capacity to see ideas through to the end — to produce fresh objects, over and over again, and then to present them to the public. That stamina sustains Jonathan Saiz and keeps him in the top-tier of Denver artists."

Excess at its best: LoDo’s K Contemporary gallery gives “bunny artist” Hunt Slonem the big show he deserves

Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post, 2021

"For his first solo exhibition in Denver, K Contemporary Gallery matches that bigness by placing his work in an opulent, over-the-top setting that resembles an elegant salon. There are more than 300 Slonem objects in the show, titled “Curiouser and Curiouser,” and they are surrounded by luxe furnishings — candelabras, chandeliers, gilded mirrors, fancy rugs — making for an immersive art experience not often seen in commercial galleries."

Hunt Slonem’s First Solo Exhibition in Denver Is the Ultimate Antidote to Pandemic Austerity

Christine Deorio, 5280 Magazine, 2021

"Imagine swarms of art,” says gallery owner Doug Kacena, who is co-curating the lavish exhibition with Denver-based artist Jonathan Saiz. “It’s going to be a temple to abundance.'Together, the duo will transform both floors of the 5,000-square-foot gallery, using antique and vintage furnishings and rugs from Eron Johnson Antiques and Shaver-Ramsey, as well as lighting, paint, and mirrors to capture Slonem’s maximalist aesthetic in fantastical, colorful realms. “Hunt is magic,” Kacena says. “The only way I can describe him is like if Bacchus had a baby with a séance. That would be Hunt.”

Inside a Gallerist’s Art-Filled LoDo Loft

Angela Ufheil, 5280 Home, 2021

Doug Kacena likes to say that the 1880s brick building housing his LoDo art gallery, K Contemporary, is a kind of church. “All the artwork are prayers, and I’m the monk who lives in the back,” he says. Sunlight spilling through the trio of skylights in Kacena’s quarters—on the second floor of the gallery space—casts a heavenly glow on his personal art collection, which includes this kaleidoscopic, abstract oil and mixed-media painting by South Korean artist Ken Gun Min.

The Beauty of Art with Doug Kacena, Founder of K Contemporary Gallery

Annie Bloj, Cherry Creek Fashion, 2021

"Doug Kacena, the owner of the highly-regarded gallery in downtown Denver, K Contemporary, is an icon in Denver. Known for being a champion of arts and culture locally and internationally, he brings decades of experience and generosity of spirit to everything he does."

Trends to Watch in 2021: Craft Figuration

Featuring Suchitra Mattai

Artsy.Net, Jacqui Palumbo, 2021

"What is history and what is myth? In former colonies, where the accounts of exploited laborers are often sparse and entire cultures were mined for profit, the boundaries can be unclear. Suchitra Mattai questions colonial histories and traverses personal memory through her mixed-media installations and suspended works. She often incorporates the bold patterns and colors of vintage saris, along with other objects of cultural significance."

The Best Home Shops and Design Services in Denver Right Now | BEst art Gallery 2020-2021

Christine Deorio, Hilary Masel Oswald, Michelle Johnson, 5280 Magazine, 2020

"K Contemporary’s reaction to the trials of the past year is a shining example of constraint breeding creativity. Forced to temporarily shutter in March, the cutting-edge LoDo gallery took to the streets with the #ArtFindsUs project—a roving exhibition that displayed larger-than-life artworks on a billboard truck—and a live performance by acclaimed artist Carlos Martiel that was projected onto the 16th Street Mall clocktower."

From Babe Walls to Detour, Colorado’s biggest and boldest art moments of 2020 | 8 nimble efforts that helped creatives through a difficult time

Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post, 2020 

"Like most indoor spaces, his K Contemporary gallery in LoDo was off-limits to customers last spring, severing the connection between his artists and the community. Kacena’s response: bring the art to the streets. So he rented a giant billboard truck and turned works by two of his most popular painters into larger-than-life posters that he drove up and down the main thoroughfares of Denver and Boulder in April and May."

The Ten Biggest Arts and Culture Stories of 2020

Kyle Harris, Westword, 2020

"While staging traditional shows was tough in 2020, artists found plenty of ways to keep busy. K Contemporary and the Athena Project organized Art Finds Us, a series of traveling galleries and performances showcasing some of the area’s best painters, arts organizations and musical groups."

6 Artists Who’ve Made the Human Form Cool Again

Ann Landi, Introspective Magazine, 2020

"Daisy Patton's cheerfully dysfunctional portraits are bound to remind you of pictures from somebody’s attic, those old crinkle-edged Kodak photos or studio shots that commemorate engagements, high-school graduations and informal family get-togethers. Yet there are sharp and unsettling differences. Faces may be obliterated with garish masks of color, outrageous patterns take over sedate everyday attire and creeping vegetation threatens to engulf the unsuspecting subjects."

Leilani Lynch’s Top Picks | Miami Beach 2020

Featuring Suchitra Mattai

Leilani Lynch, Untitled Art, 2020

Combining elements across time and geographies into her work, Suchitra Mattai creates rich visual dialogues that investigate the re/telling of periods of colonial history and forced migration in connection with personal stories from this artist’s Indo-Caribbean family. In Alter Ego (2020), Mattai combines found materials with applique and intricate painting to render visible the often disparate, yet intertwined cultures and histories she investigates. There’s so much depth in the details of this work.

Combining elements across time and geographies into her work, Suchitra Mattai creates rich visual dialogues that investigate the re/telling of periods of colonial history and forced migration in connection with personal stories from this artist’s Indo-Caribbean family. In Alter Ego (2020), Mattai combines found materials with applique and intricate painting to render visible the often disparate, yet intertwined cultures and histories she investigates. There’s so much depth in the details of this work.

Combining elements across time and geographies into her work, Suchitra Mattai creates rich visual dialogues that investigate the re/telling of periods of colonial history and forced migration in connection with personal stories from this artist’s Indo-Caribbean family. In Alter Ego (2020), Mattai combines found materials with applique and intricate painting to render visible the often disparate, yet intertwined cultures and histories she investigates. There’s so much depth in the details of this work.

"Combining elements across time and geographies into her work, Suchitra Mattai creates rich visual dialogues that investigate the re/telling of periods of colonial history and forced migration in connection with personal stories from this artist’s Indo-Caribbean family. In Alter Ego (2020), Mattai combines found materials with applique and intricate painting to render visible the often disparate, yet intertwined cultures and histories she investigates. There’s so much depth in the details of this work."

100 Standout Works from Miami Art Fairs

Featuring: Suchitra Mattai, Ken Gun Min, Daisy Patton, and Andrew Jensdotter

Artsy.Net, 2020 

Creative Industries Are Hurting After Six Months of COVID-19 in Colorado

Kyle Harris, Westword, September 1, 2020

"Kacena's study of stoicism has helped him navigate the shutdown and stay productive. Like many creative entrepreneurs, he's used this period to invest in fresh ways of exhibiting work, from projecting gallery performances on buildings around the city to showcasing paintings on the billboard trucks that strip clubs so often use to advertise.Shifting with the times has also protected Kacena's space from extinction. "The obstacle is the way," he says. "It's been helpful thinking of that." "

Cuban Performance Artist Carlos Martiel Brings His Powerful Art Back to Denver

Barbara Urzua, 303 Magazine, 2020

"Carlos Martiel is a Cuban performance artist whose work is charged with criticisms of society. The internationally acclaimed artist has had shows around the world — yet is now returning to Denver for an exhibition at K Contemporary. The exhibition — titled Black Bodies – White Lies — is meant to bring attention to how the United States’ social and legal systems have failed Black communities and ethnic minorities for so long."

State of the Art 2020 Update: Crystal Bridges Acquires Artworks and a New VR Experience

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, 2020

"Suchitra Mattai weaves vintage Indian saris from her own family with saris from the United Arab Emirates and India. For Mattai, Exodus “connects diasporic communities of South Asians across the globe, giving voice to generations of women while also probing questions of displacement resulting from European colonization. Focusing on this period is both a means of tracing my family’s history in Guyana and of fostering discussion around contemporary issues surrounding labor and gender.”

Doug Kacena Is Ready to Take Art in New Directions

Patricia Calhoun, Westword, 2020

"With stay-at-home orders lifted and the state now officially in the safer-at-home stage, art galleries are starting to reopen, moving shows from virtual displays back to the walls.

But Doug Kacena, owner of K Contemporary, is not ready to return to business as almost-usual except with masks and social-distancing rules. In late April, he created #ArtFindsUs and took art to the streets, fitting a billboard truck with works by two of the artists in his stable — giant reproductions of pieces by Shawn Huckins and Daisy Patton — and touring them around town."

Artist Suchitra Mattai’s latest exhibit takes a hard look at a difficult year, and envisions a path forward

Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post, 2020

"Suchitra Mattai is having a well-deserved moment. The prolific Denver artist is fresh off two career-making appearances in internationally-watched exhibitions and, right now, she’s the focus of a one-person show at Lower Downtown’s K Contemporary gallery. Mattai’s art has a striking visual appeal, tapping recycled materials inspired by her family’s history of continent-crossing migration, which stretches from India to Guyana to the United States. She combines colorful saris, rugs, fabrics, furniture, feathers and prints into layered works that are finished off by her own hand through embroidery, crochet and, of course, paint."

From “Northside” to Monet, Denver’s biggest arts and culture moments of 2019|The new top dog: K Contemporary

Featuring: Doug Kacena, Suchitra Mattai, and Jonathan Saiz

John Weznel, Denver Post, 2019

"In two short years, gallerist Doug Kacena has realigned the artist hierarchy in Denver, assembling a stable of painters and makers who have delivered consistently solid exhibitions while sparking their own commercial careers. Among them: Daisy Patton, Melissa Furness, Michael Gadlin, Suchitra Mattai and Mario Zoots."

Give Thanks for Noteworthy Art Shows at Three Denver Galleries

Featuring Trey Egan 

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Trey Egan Featured in 

the Denver Westword 

"...Egan’s paintings look very current, perhaps because of his generous application of juicy, candy-colored marks that resolve into amorphous shapes clustered into funky compositions. Those bright colors dominate these paintings..."

-Michael Paglia, Denver Westword, November 2019

Melissa Furness Featured in 

the Denver Westword 

"Furness loots the high-water marks of Old Master painting... to source the images she re-contextualizes in her paintings-cum-structures, taking similar subjects from different works and bringing them together in new ways"

-Michael Paglia, Denver Westword, September 2019 


Suchitra Mattai Featured in Hyperallergic 

"The effect is reminiscent of carefully kept, though fantastical, travel diaries or scrapbooks — or perhaps of the coded documentation of someone who wants to be heard, but cannot speak aloud."

-April Greene, Hyperallergic, June 2019

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Daisy Patton's 

Untitled (Family Portrait on Rocks) 

becomes cover of Aoko Matsuda's newest book "Let Me Be a Shrew"

K Contemporary Artists shake up Colorado Governor's Mansion in dynamic One Night Show 

" They... transform the space into an art gallery unlike most others — a fusion of old and new."

-Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine, June 2019


Jonathan Saiz "Colorado Coastal" Featured in the Denver Westword 

"...this dystopian view is appropriately messy."
-Michael Paglia, Denver Westword, June 2019

Jonathan Saiz Featured in the Denver Post: 10,000 Paintings

"Massive and micro. Warm and cool. Deeply spiritual, yet loaded up with bling, bling, bling."

-Ray Rinaldi, The Denver Post, June 2019 

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Mario Zoots Featured in the Denver Post  

" His skill is to juxtapose things just so — pulling in viewers’ attention and inviting them to solve riddles about why this goes next to this, or that overlaps that. "
- Ray Rinaldi, The Denver Post, May 2019

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Ken Gun Min Featured in ArtMaze Magazine, curated by Tristian Koenig 



Kuzana Ogg Awarded Residency at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, Latvia 

 Suchitra Mattai's 
Imperfect Isometry (2019) 
Featured in  

Sharjah Biennial 

"Nothing is off limits for Denver artist Suchitra Mattai. "

- Colorado Public Radio, February 2019 

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K Contemporary Featured in the Denver Post

"Inone quick year, Doug Kacena has turned Denver’s commercial art scene on its head, upending many of the current, common assumptions about where for-profit galleries are headed in the 21st century.

His new K Contemporary gallery downtown is thriving after just 12 months in business, and along the way it is revitalizing the careers of local artists and giving the city a fresh place to see, and shop for, some of the most interesting new art around."

Ray Mark RinaldiThe Denver Post, 



K Contemporary Featured in 303 Magazine

"With the talented list of artists and the rapidly growing esteem of K Contemporary, this quick exhibition might be the best one to end 2018 on. After all, it was a big year in art for Denver and many of these artists will be at the forefront of contemporary art in the near future."

- Cori Anderson, 303 MagazineDecember, 2018

Review: K Contemporary, Daisy Patton, "A Rewilded Arcadia"

"Doug Kacena’s upstart K Contemporary, which occupies a Victorian storefront in LoDo, has cut a swath through the art scene by presenting museum-level shows with some of the region’s most interesting artists. The current exhibit, Daisy Patton: A Rewilded Arcadia, is extremely ambitious, and many of the works are so enormous, it looks like it could be in a museum. In fact, Daisy Patton is also the star of This Is Not Goodbye, now at the University of Colorado Art Museum, a show she sees as a companion to the one at K Contemporary..." 

- Michael Paglia, Westword, October, 2018

Kevin Sloan featured at the California Museum of Art Thousand Oats.

"Kevin’s allegorical realism occupies a fascinating territory where the human and natural worlds collide. The interchanges that occur give rise to relationships that spark immediate recognition while the enigmatic meaning lingers in the observer’s mind. Conversations are opened about how we interact with nature and the implications of our technological advancements on the environment we share with the rest of the animal kingdom."A Collection of Rarities" is on view November 8, 2018 through February 17, 2019 in CMATO’s main gallery."

Suchitra Mattai Included in the 2019 Sharjah Biennial

"The Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) has released the list of nearly ninety emerging and established artist participating in the fourteenth edition of Sharjah Biennial, which will take place from March 7 to June 10, 2019. Titled “Leaving the Echo Chamber,” the biennial will consist of three exhibitions curated by  Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif, and Claire Tancons that will explore the possibilities and the purpose of producing art when history is increasingly fictionalized, when borders and beliefs are under constant negotiation, and material culture is under threat from human destruction."

Review: Suchitra Mattai Explores Her Heritage in CVA's Sugar Bound

"She uses the clash, conflation and compression of these components of her personal history to set up the content of her conceptual pieces, which touch on everything from European imperialism to the exploitation of colonized people and the travails of the immigrant experience. Mattai also includes collapsing time in the mix, as Cullen notes. The concerns she raises based on nineteenth-century narratives are extremely relevant today, given what’s been happening at our southern border, where brown-skinned asylum seekers are denied entry to this country and, worse, separated from their children."  - Michael Paglia, Westword, Sept. 2018

Daisy Patton featured in Hyperallergic

Patton's approach never stops running routes between the past and present, or from minimalism to the decorative. The paintings are rooted in the photograph, so there is a visual kinship. But while the photo captures a story already completed, the painting invites a dialogue, not only with the choices within the frame but the uncomfortable acknowledgement of one’s own fading presence in the memory of others.

K Contemporary Named “Best New Art Gallery”

Denver’s Westword Magazine names K Contemprary as the “Best New Gallery” in Denver for the 2018 Best of Denver Awards.  “K Contemporary has been hosting some of the hottest shows in town. Artist Doug Kacena is the force behind the new space, and with K Contemporary, he’s shown himself to be an able curator who’s already assembled a formidable stable of high-profile Colorado artists, including Monique Crine, Michael Dowling, Kevin Sloan, Suchitra Mattai, Karen Roehl, Scott Young and Mario Zoots.”

Kevin Sloan “The Wanderers Garden” in American Art Collector 

Kevin Sloan‘s recent exhibition “The Wanderer’s Garden” was featured in the March 2018 edition of American Art Collector.  “Kevin Sloan’s paintings have been witty, entertaining and flawlessly executed”

Suchitra Mattai Selected for MCA Denver “Octopus Initiative”

25 original works from Suchitra Mattai were recently purchased by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Have you ever looked at a work of contemporary art in a museum and wanted to bring it home? Well, now’s your chance. MCA Denver’s Octopus Initiative is offering any resident of the Denver metro area the chance to borrow and live with a work of art for ten months.

Doug Kacena Featured in Art Ltd

Doug Kacena‘s recent ground-breaking exhibition “Crossover” is featured in the March/April 2017 edition of Art Ltd, reviewed by Michael Paglia. 

“Denver-based abstract painter Doug Kacena noticed that there was a disconnection in the art scene, not just here in Colorado, but nationally. This clearly defined gap has artists working in contemporary styles—like him—on one side of it, and those whose efforts lie in the traditional realist realm on the other. So Kacena conceived of the exhibition “Crossover,” with the idea of bridging the distance between the two through radical interventions. Kacena selected some of the most significant representational painters active in the region and asked each to give him one of their pieces so that he could paint over it. Simultaneously he gave each of them one of his, so that they could paint over it.”

Daisy Patton On the Cover of Create Magazine

“From Los Angeles, California, Daisy Patton moved back and forth between Oklahoma and California during her childhood. She spent much of her early years reading adventure and detective tales, history and art history books, and ghost stories. Patton’s practice is focused on history, memory, and social commentary stemming from this youth soaked in such specific cultural landscapes. Her work explores the meaning and social conventions of families, little discussed or hidden histories, and what it is to be a person living in our contemporary world. One such series is “Forgetting is so long,” reviewed in “Art LTD” and “Hyperallergic,” as well as featured in “The Jealous Curator,” “Fresh Paint Magazine,” “Backroom Caracas,” and “Artistic Moods.”