Kristopher Wright | It won’t be this way forever, but right now that’s how it is.

Artist Reception, Saturday, Oct. 21, 3:00-6:00pm


For his inaugural show in K Contemporary’s Project Space, Kristopher Wright presents It won’t be this way forever, but right now that’s how it is. Drawing inspiration from his first-ever solo museum show at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art entitled, Just As I Am, this new body of work explores themes of beauty, witnessing change, and the intimate moments that make life extraordinary.  


The exhibition showcases Wright’s unique blend of painting, printmaking, and photography. The artist's use of various techniques combines with his deep reverence for the subject matter, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the energy and vibrancy of communal gatherings, celebrations, and spending time with loved ones. Whether depicting parade scenes or children quietly at play, Wright investigates the ineffable in human interactions.  He captures the subtleties underlying the moment – the ones that extend versus halt time – while exploring the ways public and private gatherings transform our relationships with one another and the world.  


Jennifer Berry, K Contemporary’s director comments, “Kristopher’s magic resides in the way he animates the space in and around people as much as the humans themselves. You can feel the energy exchanged between his figures and the objects that surround them.” 


The power in Wright’s work comes from his ability to translate these anonymous, humble snapshots into compositions that connect and resonate with the viewer in ways that feel deeply personal, and even sacred. Wright’s work meets the viewer with a raw sense of familiarity and comfort despite the ambiguity of who his subjects are. Identifying the subjects becomes less important than experiencing the feelings of security and joy nurtured within the works.