Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton 

Patton's work centers on the idea of memory, identity, and loss. Who do we choose to portray, remember, and how? These ideas are fraught terrain that cross family relationships, how we represent in front of the camera, how our identities are perceived by the viewer depending upon social context, and public and private memorialization. The artist collects abandoned family photographs from around the world spanning the Victorian era to the 1960's, enlarges them to life-size, and paints over them to breathe new life into the sitters.  She removes the individuals from their static location in time, reconsidering their newfound existence in 21st-century contemporary life. 


Select Museums, Exhibitions, and Private Collections

Tampa Museum of Art  

Denver Art Museum 

Fidelity Investments Corporate Art Collection  

“Uncovered Spaces,” International Museum of Art and Science, TX,  2022 

“Remembrances, Recollections and Retrospect,” The Delaware Contemporary, OH, 2022

“Deep Roots: Ornamentation and Identity,” Susquehanna Art Museum,  PA, 2022

“Cladogram: 2nd KMA International Juried Biennial,” Katonah Museum of Art, 2022


Select Press

“Broken Time Machines: Daisy Patton,” Minerva Projects Press, Spring 2021 

“100 Standout Works from Miami Art Fairs,” Artsy, December, 2020 

“6 Artists Who’ve Made the Human Form Cool Again,” Introspective Magazine, Ann Landi, December 2020  

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