Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios | Zona Rosa

K Contemporary Presents: Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios'  Premier Exhibition, “Zona Rosa.”

On View November 20, 2021 - January 29, 2022


Zona Rosa (Red Zone) was the term created by the Mexican artist and journalist Jose Luis Cuevas in the 1950s to refer to an illicit zone in a Mexican city. It was a zone of tolerance, of “low life” bars, of sex, of options – a place where artists and politicians could coincide.   Ricardo Rios’ version of Zona Rosa is about roses, flowers, gardens, eroticism, sensuality, and voluptuousness – a place where everything coexists within a painting’s geography – a place where all is possible and permitted.   The subjects are voluptuousness, reproduction, textures, moist parts, erogenous zones, bodily and edible fruits.  They’re constantly overflowing their borders. There is an exuberance that bursts outside of literal representation, the painting, or the frame.