SPARK! Art Fair Vienna - Booth #H3

Viktor Frešo Solo Presentation

Booth # H3

March 15 - 17, 2024


SPARK Art Fair Vienna is the only international art fair focusing exclusively on solo presentations. Its unique model democratizes the playing field by providing each participating gallery with the same-size booth and architectural orientation.  The vastness of the exhibition hall and the booths’ open structure pave the way for a deeper and more personal encounter with each featured artist, simulating a mini museum exhibition.  As such, gallerists are perceived more strongly in their role as developers and presenters, enabling collectors and art enthusiasts to engage on a more profound level with individual contemporary artists.


For this year's fair, K Contemporary turns its booth over to Viktor Frešo.  Considered among the most remarkable figures of European conceptual art in the region of the former Czechoslovakia, his work and approach to art are both highly personal and reflective of larger concerns and attitudes in global society and the art world.  He studied in Bratislava at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and in Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts.  


Frešo addresses sophisticated cultural concepts and autobiographical themes using deceptively simple methods. Characteristic of his creations is the tension he creates between huge, grandiose ego-forward art with quieter paintings and humble found objects from his family's history. His ability to unabashedly reveal his dark, sentimental, and comical sides endears the viewer by unselfconsciously allowing access to the artist's inner quirks, memories, and desires. 

Frešo is interested in direct, efficient, visual tools. He prefers a short interval between action and reaction and enjoys it when viewers have speedy, unmediated responses to his work. He has no compunction presenting radical and sometimes critical opinions of society or himself that might irritate and provoke discussions about what is and what is not acceptable as contemporary art. Whether he intervenes in public spaces or exhibits in galleries, he takes care that his raw, creative actions show themselves in his works' final execution –  grand, critical, honest, artistic, gestures.