Kevin Sloan: Private Work and Outliers - Project Space Show - ONLINE



A part of my studio practice has been to occasionally create something just for myself with no intention of ever showing it to anyone, no less exhibit it.  This practice usually consisted of small paintings, watercolors and drawings and recently, ceramic sculptures. Visitors to the studio sometimes spotted these creations hiding in corners, propped against the wall or stacked in boxes.  


Over the years I’ve noticed that some of the ideas in these “outliers” have found their way into the mainstream of my practice.  This intrigued me and I began to disassemble the conceptual wall I’d created between these private outliers and the main body of my work.  In fact, these small experiments and private meditations have become an essential part of and in some cases, the foundation of my current body of work.


From a very private, almost secretive practice to an exhibit is a big leap but now feels like a natural and essential one.  It’s a joy to bring this work into the broader world and expand the definition of my creative practice.