KEVIN SLOAN | Cathedral at Nalanda Cube Gallery

K Contemporary is pleased to announce Kevin Sloan's upcoming show at The Cube Gallery at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.  Titled “Cathedral”, the exhibit furthers Sloan's ongoing interest in the relationship between the natural and the human made environment.  Asking the question, what is a sacred, revered space or object, this new body of work represents an important shift in Sloan's practice marking a departure from his well-known highly detailed and controlled renderings of the physical world.  Here, he offer a more frank and emotional response to the natural world, allowing mystery, sorrow, awe and uncertainty a place in the work.  


“Shortly after the devastating fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, I noticed a recurring theme on social media which posited the plea to “rebuild this Cathedral” with images of the threatened global natural environment exhorting us to also rebuild that Cathedral.  The correlation between the human-made sacred space and a natural one became unavoidably clear.


This work sees Cathedral as a natural sacred space serving a role similar to the built sacred spaces of cultures around the world.  In the regard, Cathedral is a place, a point of view, an aspiration.  It is sacred space, rare and mysterious.  Cathedral is garden, gravesite, birth-site, haven, ritual, purifying fire, holy waters, a theater of the seen and unseen.  It holds the memory of loss and the potential for restoration and redemption”.


All the paintings start with a dark, mysterious space within which is located a light filled, sometimes luminous subject.  Consider the experience of being in an actual medieval cathedral where there are spaces of darkness surrounding a special, illuminated statue or deep in a dark forest and coming upon a light filled spot in a meadow suddenly creating a sense of wonder, rarity and contrast.  This work aspires to that.



New Paintings by Kevin Sloan

January 17 – February 28, 2020


Nalanda Cube Gallery

Naropa University

6287 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, CO 


Opening Reception – January 17, 2020 – 5:30 - 8:00pm