KEVIN SLOAN: A COLLECTION OF RARITIES at California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks

Step away from your everyday routine and venture into the mysterious Collection of Rarities created by American contemporary surrealist painter, Kevin Sloan. This exhibition, curated by CMATO’s Senior Curator, Lynn Farrand and Tish Greenwood, Executive Director is dedicated to the Conejo Valley region.edicating this exhibition to the region also meant connecting with local artists to complement Sloan’s enigmatic Collection of Rarities. Local poets present powerful, often intimate, voices to Sloan’s subjects throughout the exhibition. Local artist, Karen Payton, brings Sloan’s symbols and patterns closer to us with her interactive installation, Forest of Wishes. And local educator, Laura PG Lewis and Brooke Sauer, with our talented intern, Julianna Heller, have developed self-guided art educational materials to engage with Sloan’s large scale paintings.

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