K Contemporary Pop-up at galleryFRITZ, Santa Fe, NM - POSTPONED

K Contemporary (Denver, CO) is proud to announce an exciting take-over pop-up in collaboration with

galleryFRITZ (Santa Fe, NM). Traveling 392 miles south, K Contemporary artists are invading galleryFRITZ’ main exhibition space for an 11-day-long art disruption.    


This collaboration has been in the works for some time between the uber-respected Deborah Fritz, who has amassed the celebrated art gallery empire (Giaccobe-Fritz, GF Contemporary, galleryFRITZ) and Doug Kacena, renowned artist and owner of K Contemporary, which was recently named the top new gallery in Denver by the Denver Post. “Deborah and I have long been talking about a way to collaborate together on something massive, exciting and a little over the top. She is an incredible gallerist and we are excited and humbled she is giving us free range in her stunning space in the historic Rail Yard Arts District of Santa Fe,” shares Kacena.

The concept behind this take-over model is designed to break barriers of traditional gallery model and create collaborative ways for artists, collectors, gallerists and patrons to create, consume and display art in unexpected ways. Traveling to and attending the pop-up becomes an experience in and of its own, as Santa Fe has a rich history of arts, culture, outdoors and cuisine. Patrons attending locally, will be in for a treat experiencing larger-than life installations and thought-provoking displays coming to them direct from K Contemporary’s museum recognized roster of rising stars.

Upon arrival, viewers will lay eyes on massive, elaborate vintage sari tapestries suspended from up high by Suchitra Mattai as a continuation of her Sharjah Bienial installation work, life-size mixed media relic family portraits by Daisy Patton recalling memories in settings one could almost walk into, respectfully impertinent paintings as commentary on today’s text-slang by Shawn Huckins, delicately carved 100 layer canvas depicting abstracted scenes of Santa Fe and Southwest by Andrew Jensdotter, over the top, textural pop culture paintings by Ken Gun Min, hundreds of intricate gem-like boxes of paintings displayed in totem columns by Jonathan Saiz, glimpses into natural and imagined worlds of storytelling by Kevin Sloan and alluring vintage magazine imagery reimagined into collage installations by Mario Zoots.

The two galleries and their owners hold so much in common, and so this collaboration seemed very natural in its fruition. galleryFRITZ pushes the boundaries of contemporary art in Santa Fe, NM. It is committed to presenting international artists who are masters of their respected mediums and innovative in their execution. Founded in 2018, owner Deborah Fritz’s third gallery space builds on her reputation of brilliant contemporary art exhibitions of the highest standard. Working with director Justin Kouri, her new program focuses on compelling installations of cutting-edge new media and unique interpretations of classic methods. 

In a bold endeavor to increase community engagement, galleryFRITZ maintains a projects program consisting of on-going and ever-changing guest curators and artists to challenge the current concept of a gallery, ultimately providing a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive arts experience.  


Similarly, K Contemporary, just recently named the new top-dog gallery in Denver, explores meaningful topics through engaging exhibitions, pop-up events, and art fairs. Through these immersive and expansive displays, K Contemporary acts as a catalyst to recontextualize how people talk about and experience art. 


Although rotating gallery exhibits are an important part of K Contemporary’s presence, the most impactful displays come in the form of unexpected art interventions Kacena organizes for the artists he represents. In the years since opening the gallery in 2017, Kacena has opened doors for fringe artists to land exhibitions at major institutions like the Denver Art Museum and internationally-recognized events like the Sharjah Biennial in UAE. More frequently, K Contemporary seeks out unusual locations and situations for art shows, like the Colorado Governor’s Residence at Boettcher Mansion in Denver, the historic Rockmount Ranchwear building, and of course, this upcoming collaboration with galleryFRITZ.   


"We’ve been exploring ways to partner with K Contemporary for a long time and I’m thrilled that it’s finally coming to fruition! We're looking forward to their fresh interpretation of the space including several artists we truly respect. Since we’re starting the season on such a high note, I’m interested in seeing how this pop-up injects energy into the rest of our season," shares Deborah Fritz.