Jonathan Saiz | Seed Vault

“Grab a bunch of random seeds and water with tears, piss, and blood to see what grows. Have we ever been taught how to be good gardeners?” -- Jonathan Saiz


In art and life, there are so many ideas and daydreams to propagate and so little time to actualize. "Seed Vault" is an imaginary architectural space for the seeds of art and life to germinate or to die on the vine-- a subconscious doomsday garden teeming with ladybugs, lush watermelons, and fleshy totems of human fertility. Mixed mediums include painting, sculpture, psychedelic epiphanies, neon lights, climate anxiety, NFT's, personal demons, photography, gallery installations, poetry and the existentially distressing passage of time. 


Coming on the heels of Jonathan's 2019 critically acclaimed solo show at the Denver Art Museum entitled "#WhatIsUtopia," "Seed Vault" boasts the artist's ongoing virtuosity.  Always the artist-magician, Jonathan's tricks will be revealed over time as his new work is installed. K Contemporary invites you to visit the "Seed Vault" website again in early May to see the installation gradually take form.