Shawn Huckins | I Know Not Where | Project Space

K Contemporary Presents: A Preview of  Shawn Huckins' Project Space Exhibition,"I Know Not Where" 

On View November 20, 2021 - January 29, 2022


Shawn Huckins’ show, “I Know Not Where,” is a continuation of Huckins’ series, “The Birds Will Sing,” which takes its title from the sweetly, bucolic title of an old Cajun folk song. The song, contrary to the titles sweet suggestion, is actually a murder ballad. This painting series depicts what appears at first glance to be simply breathtaking landscapes, but which are overlaid with wistfully dark statements about contemporary love and life. 

“This group of 10 paintings are hand-painted recreations of 18th-and 19th-century landscape paintings with superimposed painted text sourced from social media,” said Huckins. “The theme for this show is sourcing text about love since love affects each and everyone of us. Positive or negative. Love is a universal language all cultures understand. This show focuses on the struggles of love with dark humored, sarcastic text.”