Daisy Patton | Hot Echoes

July 20 - September 14, 2024

Join us Saturday, July 20, 2024 from 3 - 6 PM for the opening reception at K Contemporary, located at 1412 Wazee Street, Denver, CO



Hot Echoes summons hot blasts of air, summery memories, and the high peaks of a season in overload. It showcases new work by Daisy Patton that incorporates ornamental, altar-like structures that emphasize the spiritual or transcendent facets of her sitters.  Mirror frames and 3-dimensional decorative elements lend gravity and permanence to her human subjects who are long-deceased and otherwise fading from memory.  They surround and frame vintage photographs that have been enlarged, transferred to panel, and embellished with paint colors hearkening the warm tones of summer tinged by the fiery sun.  Think of family photographs of swimmers, couples outdoors, and portraits in gardens. 


This body of work is an extension of Patton’s ongoing series called Forgetting is so long where the artist wonders “Who do we choose to remember and how?” Patton continues, “This fraught terrain encompasses family relationships, identities, and collective memorialization. For some, living memory can lengthen the presence of loved ones in our lives; we only succumb to a blank past when our histories are no longer recalled and held by those who once cared for us. The family photograph is a vessel for retrieving memory, but as time accumulates, these emotionally laden images become unknowable, missing their necessary translators.”


Patton empathetically stands in for her subjects’ families, friends, and community, bringing her protagonists back to life with reverence and encouraging the viewer to pause and spend a moment rekindling their essence. She uses decorative botanical tendrils and flowers to connect her life-size subjects within a composition, suggesting relationships and a breath of fresh air.