COLOR THEORY - Pop up at the Colorado Governor's Mansion

A contemporary art intervention of color during the Colorado Governor's Mansion Black & White ball, curated by Doug Kacena, co-owner and director of K Contemporary. This incredible experiential event will feature the work of such notable artists as Trey Egan, Ken Gun Min, Andrew Jensdotter,  Suchitra Mattai, Daisy Patton, Jonathan Saiz, Hunt Slonem,  Janna Watson and Mario Zoots as they each respond to the history, architecture and finely curated interiors of the specific rooms and spaces each artist claimed within this historic landmark.

For more than a century, Colorado’s stately Governor’s Residence has represented ideals of elegance, eminence and permanence. For this single evening, the historic mansion will briefly transform into a grand repository of art experience, generosity and community, as reverential artists from K Contemporary gallery pay homage to the lordly landmark’s distinguished past, present and future.

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