As of Now

“As of Now” showcases the evolution of K Contemporary’s innovative projects and artists. The exhibition will include work by artists Andrew Jensdotter, Carlos Martiel, Suchitra Mattai, Ken Gun Min, Daisy Patton, and Jonathan Saiz, among other gallery artists. It will also feature glimpses into the next stage of the gallery, which will include NFT, AR and VR projects.  


“We are using this exhibition as a platform to accentuate the milestones that have brought us to this moment and will inspire the future of the gallery,” said Doug Kacena, K Contemporary owner. “Visitors will gain insight into the works we featured inside of the gallery as well as programming we have done outside of the gallery’s walls – including artist’s Carlos Martiel’s ‘Third Person’ projection performance and ‘Art Finds Us,’ both experiences designed to bring art to the public during the height of the pandemic.” 


K Contemporary’s unique mission is to foster an environment that helps artists develop their ideas and produce artwork with depth and contextual significance, while creating a platform for Colorado-based artists to have national and international influence and bring engaging work from international artists to Denver. Over the past five years, the gallery has operationalized this mission, highlighting the works of artists through gallery and museum exhibitions, pop-up installations, public programming, performances, and art fairs.  


“As a gallery, K Contemporary expertly knows the business of art, but it also FEELS the spirit of art in a way that inspires expansive futures for its artists and communities.  I’ve never felt as encouraged to take creative risks or been so supported by a director like Doug Kacena and everyone who is a part of K's family,” said K Contemporary artist, Jonathan Saiz. “K Contemporary shows up in the community as partners, advocates, and innovators reaching as many people as they can. The first five years have been all about building momentum and community; the next five are about building our big art dreams.”  


K Contemporary has collaborated with large cultural institutions, nonprofits and small businesses to bring exhibits and programming to life. This includes work with the Denver Art Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, Ark.), the TiA Collection (Santa Fe, N.M.), Untitled Art Miami, Building Bridges (Los Angeles, Calif.), and local organizations such as the Biennial of the Americas, Athena Project, the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund, Red Line Contemporary Art Center and the Armory.  


“As of Now” will run through March 12. In addition to welcoming the public during gallery hours (Tuesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6 p.m.), K Contemporary will host a “During,” a celebratory event in the middle of the show, in lieu of a traditional opening. Details about the event will be released once available in consideration of changing public health guidelines.