Trey Egan


Trey Egan
Trey Egan b. 1979 – With paintings that channel rich saturation Egan intermingles the vibrancy of color with indefinite organic forms. His lush and abstract use of oil exemplifies the beauty of pure paint, and are made through the artist tapping into his subconscious, without the purpose of depicting specific visual imagery. Part of Egan’s artistic process is rhythmically informed by listening to progressive trance, liquid dub-step, and future bass in his studio. The layering of electronic sound generates specific energy into his works and educates the physical layering of paint on the canvas. This experience, called synesthesia, is the simultaneous perception of two or more stimuli as one gestalt experience. In this way, the artist’s non-objective visual language deals with the relationship between the subconscious and physical space, and allows the viewer to navigate each composition through his or her own memories and experiences. Trey Egan received a Master of Fine Art in the spring of 2013 at the University of North Texas College of Visual Art and Design. Early in his career, he was part of many group exhibitions including some juried by: Peter Doroshenko (Executive Director of the Dallas Contemporary), Toby Kamps (director of external projects at London’s White Cube gallery), Clint Willour (curator at the Galveston Arts Center) and artists Annette Lawrence, Vincent Falsetta, and Erick Swenson among others. Egan’s brilliant solo debut during ArtHouston 2012, was followed by his selection to exhibit at the 2013 Texas Biennial in San Antonio. He followed with several successful solo exhibitions, including Systematic Motion in 2012, Be Still With Me in 2013, Signal Chamber in 2015, Wise With The Feeling in 2015, and Future Glow in 2017. Egan has been exhibited multiple times at the Dallas Art Fair, and was recently part of Art Aspen 2018. He also showed several paintings at Pulse art fair in South Beach, part of Miami Art Week 2018. His work has been purchased internationally, by art collectors, and for corporate art collections across the nation. An upcoming solo exhibition is scheduled for November 2019 at K Contemporary in Denver, and another solo show at Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas for January 2020.