Carlene Frances


Carlene Frances
My paintings draw from the powerful Asian aesthetic that lives in me, a striving for serenity in a world inundated by input; conscious acts of eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak. It’s said that my work seems to glow with inner light. That isn’t accidental: Each piece grows from as many as 40 layers of transparent oil glazes that give the surface a muted luminosity and depth. In the deceptively limited palette—In the freeing choices of monochrome—we cast off the excuses of color and resist the urge to wrestle vibrancy onto canvas. In doing so, we discover a muted thing that lives deeper in the soul. This is the principle of Shunyata; of dwelling in emptiness. To me, this quiet, immersive energy creates an anti-angst; a seductive, visceral breath. Within those still waters, shapes, circles and gestural graphite lines create a harmony of opposites that delivers us into an image without beginning or end. In the end view, this benevolent softness becomes a relinquishing of control by painter and viewer alike; one that lets us interact with the work in any way we want, with no strings attached. From the immersion in light and the depth beyond the strict boundaries of canvas, comes a particular state of grace: a transcendency that renews itself endlessly in the eye, and challenges our idea of what a painting can be. Frances was born in Lansing Michigan and moved to Colorado in her early twenties where she has lived for the last forty- two years. She holds a BFA in painting and drawing from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, CO. Her work has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo, group and museum shows such as MOMA, Wales UK, MUBE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Palazzo della Provincia, Frosinone, Italy, Oceanside Museum of Art, CA., Riverside Art Museum, CA., Nagasaki Japan and Chelsea Art Museum in New York. Recently she has been invited to exhibit at the Center for Visual Arts, summer 2016, Colorado Women In Abstraction as a companion exhibit to the Denver Art Museum’s exhibit Women In Abstract Expressionism. Frances has curated five “FUSION” exhibits, a collaboration of artists and poets and teaches painting workshops at the Colorado School of Mine and Red Rocks Community College. Selected Solo, Invitational and Juried Exhibitions ​ 2018 Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, 46th International Art Show, Juried Exhibit, Brownsville, TX 2018 K Contemporary Gallery, Seijaku, Solo Exhibit, Denver, CO 2017 Globe Fine Art, Solo Exhibit, Translucency, Santa Fe, NM 2017 Civic Gallery at Azamino, The 25th International Exhibit 2017, I Invitational Group Exhibit, Yokohama, Japan 2017 Space Gallery, White, Invitational Group Exhibit, Denver, CO 2017 Art Movement Colorado, InvitationalGroup Exhibit Grand Opening, Boulder, CO 2016 Center for the Visual Arts,CO Women in Abstraction, Invitational Exhibit Denver, CO 2016 Nagasaki Art Museum, International Exhibit, Nagasaki, Japan 2016 Park View Gallery, LELA International Exhibit, Los Angles, CA 2016 Rogue West Gallery, Power of Spirit, Steamboat Springs, CO 2016 Space Gallery, Expanding the Dialogue...., Denver, CO 2016 Highland Gallery, Retina, Boulder, CO 2015 Nagasaki Art Museum, International Exhibit, Nagasaki, Japan 2015 The Painting Center, Writing on the Wall, New York City, NY 2015 Riverside Museum of Art, California Dreaming, Riverside CA 2015 Space Gallery, Nature's Line, Denver, CO 2015 40 West Gallery, Black, White & Metal, Lakewood, CO 2014 Ice Cube Gallery, Ice Breaker 5, Juried Exhibit Denver, CO 2014 Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, 31st Annual All Colorado, Juried Exhibit, Greenwood Village, CO 2014 Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, California Dreaming, Frosinone, Italy 2014 Oceanside Museum of Art, California Dreaming, Oceanside, CA 2014 Space Gallery, Fusion V, Invitational Exhibit, Denver, CO 2014 Space Gallery, Surface, Invitational Exhibit, Denver, CO 2013 Space Gallery, 30 x 2, Denver, CO 2013 Republic Plaza, Total Abstraction, Denver, CO 2013 Space Gallery, Mind Over Matter, Denver, CO 2013 Arvada Center for the Arts, Art of the State, Juried Exhibit, Arvada,CO 2012 Space Gallery,The Other Primary Colors; White Black Grey, Denver, CO 2012 Cultural Arts Council Fine Arts Gallery, Abstract Expressions, Invitational Group Exhibit, Estes Park, CO 2011 Lowery Gallery, Poetic Synthesis, Invitational Exhibit, Community College of Aurora, CO 2011 Chelsea Art Museum, 1st International Juried Peace Art NYC Exhibition, International Juried Exhibit, NYC, NY 2011 St. Julian Hotel Gallery, Enso, Solo Exhibit, Boulder, CO 2010 Spark Gallery, Biennial Juired Exhibit, Big Themes/Small Work, Denver, CO 2010 Denver Modernism Show, Juried Exhibit, Denver, CO 2010 Museum of Modern Art, International Juried Exhibit, A Book About Death, Wales, UK. 2010 National Museum of Brazil/Museu Brasilerio da Escultura, International Invitational Exhibit, A Book About Death, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009 The Dairy Center for the Arts 2009 Juried Exhibit, Enso The Circle, Boulder, CO 2008 Curtis Art & Humanities Center, Juried Exhibit, 25th (2008) , 20th (2003), 17th (2000), 16th (1999) Annual All Colorado Art Show, Greenwood Village, CO 2007 Denver Public Library, Santa Fe Art District Exhibit, Denver, CO 2004 Susan K. Arndt Gallery, Mountain Valley Women Artists 2004, Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, CO 2004 The Lincoln Center, NCAA13th National Art Exhibition, Fort Collins,CO 2004 Evergreen Arts Center, Contemporary Art Exhibit, Evergreen, CO 2002 Museum of Contemporary Art, Regional Juried Exhibit, Rocky Mountain Biennial, Fort Collins, CO 2000 Canyon Road Contemporary of Art, National Invitational, Juried Exhibit, Santa Fe, NM Education 1998 BFA, Painting and Drawing, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, CO 1972 Kendal College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI 1970 Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI,h_400,c_fill/l1wdlt6288tbyiibtxza.jpg